Steps to a successful rollout

1. Sign up for Connect The Dots

Get a unified view of your history with every person you've interacted with. It's free forever. Never loose valuable contacts again.

2. Invite Your Team

This can be done all at once using the Enterprise Connector or through individual invitations sent from the app. Once your team joins, the ability to leverage their networks and make new connections is just a few clicks away. We've drafted an email template which your executive sponsor can send out to the team introducing the app and explaining the strategy. 

3. Schedule a team training

We are happy to help and answer any questions you and/or your team members may have. We will dive into the benefits of Connect The Dots, go over the typical sales motions, and give you valuable advice for building a strong network.

4. Install the Chrome Extension for LinkedIn

It is a powerful way to drive regular adoption because it fits into your existing workflow. When researching companies on LinkedIn you'll be able to see all your contacts and all your coworkers context, stack ranked by behavior-based relationship scores.  

5. Define your network amplification strategy

Who could you invite that would be especially helpful? Co-workers, investors, customers, partners, family and friends. The more connectors you invite to the network, the greater the likelihood of opening doors and unlocking new opportunities.

6. Measure the impact

Success in the first 30 days could be measured by network score. The connectivity you create with the initial rollout will pay dividends for months and years to come. Every search your team runs will come back with more paths to insight, influence, and warm introductions.  

Beyond that, you'll want to measure the impact from deals sourced or influenced. Connect The Dots lets you track introduction requests initiated through the app on your dashboard. But many companies will want to track referrals through Salesforce Campaigns, their Applicant Tracking System, or Team Surveys to get a full picture of the impact of increased network intelligence. 

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