Steps to a successful rollout

1. Pass the IT/Security Review (20 Mins)

We will provide your team with our SOC2 and Pent Test results under mutual NDA. There is also a lot of documentation in the Security and Privacy Section of the Guide site. 

2. Enterprise Connector Setup (20 Mins)

We'll provide you with easy step-by-step instructions. Simply pass them to your G-Suite or MSFT admin. It should be easy for them to configure. You'll also want your admin to configure Gmail or Outlook send permissions.

3. Kickoff Prep Call (20 Mins)

Once your ingestion has started, we'll schedule a kickoff prep call with your champion and walk them through the sequence of events. This could be someone in enablement or chief of staff. The executive sponsor is welcome to join the call, but it's totally optional. Key decisions we'll make in that meeting include:

  • Can we set up a Slack Connect Channel with your project team to give you a direct line to our product experts? We can also share product updates here too.
  • What day/time should we send out the account is ready emails
  • Identify the executive sponsor who will send out an email introducing the initiative. 
  • Is there a company meeting or a team meeting where you could announce the initiative? 
  • Identify a date/time when we will provide your team with a 30-min role-based training.
  • Do you want to go the route of the ambassador program?   

4. Go Live (Day 1) 

Connect The Dots will send out the Account is Ready emails letting users know that they have an account. They'll be prompted to log in, install the Chrome extension, and import their LinkedIn contacts. That whole process should take less than 5 minutes. 

If you can get > 50% of the team to take those steps in the first week, you're going to be able to build a really strong SuperGraph. Every search will be more fruitful if you can get the team to import their LinkedIn. 

You'll also want to encourage them to connect their personal email address. This is 100% optional but there are two key benefits. Employees can "claim" their CTD accounts and keep them for life, just like LinkedIn. Adding a second and third source account also dramatically improves the team's network. 

The Chrome extension overlays LinkedIn, Gmail, & Salesforce and reveals a lot of valuable (previously hidden) information like 3rd-degree visibility and overlapping contacts.

Our Customer Success Team will check in with the Champion and Executive Sponsor on days 7 & 14 to provide a personalized account review. It'll highlight how successful the initial launch was and recommend the next steps. 

5. Role-Based Training (Day 14) 

Business Edition customers can schedule a free role-based training to introduce the tool to your team. The objectives include; 

  • What's in it for me? 
  • How do I 2x or 10x or 20x my network reach?
  • Where does this fit into the existing process? 
  • How do you create custom lists? 
  • How do you make an ask, including drat on behalf? 
  • How do you start more conversations and keep relationships going? 

The training can be done in 20, 30, or 60-minute formats. 

6. Invite Blitz (Day 30) 

Once the application has proven initial value we highly encourage you to schedule an invite blitz. If you can invite customers, partners, investors, and advisors to the platform your team's network will grow exponentially. 

The sign-up process for them is simple. It's free, it takes 2 mins, and it's a win/win value proposition. 

Inside Connect The Dots we've got role-based templates and an email editor that lets you send personalized mass emails to your people. This one-time investment can pay HUGE dividends. 

7. Tracking The ROI (Day 60) 

All it takes is getting your first successful introduction, and you'll feel the value. You found a good connection, made a simple ask, and that relationship fostered a new opportunity. Next thing you'll know, you're making dozens of simple asks a month.

If you want to quantify the pipeline impact, we can show you how to track successful introductions.

requests using Salesforce campaigns. That's how we run our business at Connect The Dots! 

8. Expanding The Value (Day 90) 

 Whether it's an executive bridge program, recruiting use cases, or interesting tactics to engage your community – we welcome the opportunity to spend time with you and identify new use cases. We’d also love to set up a feedback session and have you shape the product roadmap!

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