Executive Colleague Intros


Your objective with this play is to get the executive at the target company to introduce you to the evaluator or decision maker at the target company.  Executives will not likely want to spend time with you directly.  But they are happy to make an introduction to the right person at their own company if it means his/her company could benefit from your product.  Make sure your approach and ask are in line with this objective.

Sequence of Events

Email #1 - Make the ask of an executive colleague

From: Corey Stone [Requestor - Me]
To: Lynn Desloge [Executive At My Company]
Subject: Introduction to Andy Dunn, Bonobos CEO

Hey Lynn - 

I’m using ctd.ai and I see you know Andy Dunn, CEO of Bonobos. 

He recently moved from JCPenny (not a customer) to Bonobos (target account). From their earnings call it was clear investing in digital experiences is a top priority this year. 

Would you mind making an introduction to see if we can get a meeting? I’ve drafted an email below that you can copy/paste to Andy.  Modify as you see fit.

Thanks, Corey 

---------Draft Email Below---------

From: Lynn Desloge [Executive At My Company]
To: Andy Dunn [C-Level Target]
Bcc: Corey Stone [Requestor - Me]
Subject: Can we help? 

Hi Andy, 

Congrats on the new role! From your earnings call, it sounds like your team is investing heavily into digital experiences to fuel growth this year. 

We work with digital leaders like you at companies like x,y, and z.

They were struggling with growing online revenue while controlling costs, maximizing their marketing spend, and knowing where to invest for the future.  In the x example, we were able to help them increase online revenues by x% y/y through our automatic optimization platform.

We’d love to see if we could help drive similar results for Bonobos.  Could you introduce us to the person responsible for (driving conversions on your website) / (app development)?  With a 30 min call, we can determine if we can deliver the same results for you. 

Best, Lynn

Email #2 - Exec at target company makes the handoff

From: Andy Dunn [Target - CEO of Bonobos]
To: Lynn Desloge [Executive At My Company], Kingsley Joseph [Decision Maker at Bonobos]
Subject: Re: Can we help? 

It seems like a quick call to hear what you’re doing with x,y, and z may make sense. 

Kingsley Joseph (cc’d) manages our website and app development. 

- Andy

Email #3 - Exec at my company makes the handoff

From: Lynn Desloge [Executive At My Company]
To: Kingsley Joseph [Decision Maker at Bonobos], Andy Dunn [Target - CEO of Bonbos]
Cc: Corey Stone [Requestor - Me]
Subject: Re: Can we help? 

Andy - Thank you for the introduction. 

Kingsley - Very good to meet you. 

I’ll have Corey Stone (cc’d) on our side follow up to find times for our teams to connect. 


Email #4 - You jump into the email chain and get the meeting scheduled 

From: Corey Stone [Requestor - Me]
To: Kingsley Joseph [Decision Maker at Bonobos]
Cc or Bcc: Andy Dunn [Target - CEO of Bonobos], Lynn Desloge [Executive At My Company]
Subject: Re: Can we help? 

(moving Andy and Anna to bcc) 

Hi Kingsley, Very nice to meet you. 

It looks like you might know Doug Hayes?  We went to college at CU Boulder together. 

Could we set up a 30 min call to share more about what we’re seeing across our customers, and how we’ve been able to help them drive conversions and exceed revenue targets? 

Here is a link with real-time availability where you can pick a time that works for you: http://calend.ly/optimizely-call

In advance of our call, attached is a short deck providing a company overview. 

Best, Corey

Email #5 - Close the loop with your executive

From: Corey Stone [Requestor - Me]
To: Lynn Desloge [Executive At My Company]
Subject: Re: Introduction to Andy Dunn, Bonobos CEO 

Lynn I wanted to thank you again for your help with this introduction. 

We had a great kickoff call today and it sounds like we may be able to solve a pressing need for them.

Much appreciated!

Best, Corey

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