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From: Executive Sponsor 

To: All Employees or Pilot Team

Subject: A powerful new tool for you

Hi everyone,

We’ve got an application we’d like the team to try out. It’s called Connect The Dots. 

It makes the team’s relationships searchable, so any of us can instantly know if another person on the team knows someone who can help them. 

That’s great for the GTM team and hiring managers, who will be able to find connections at target accounts and to top recruiting prospects. They have a Chrome Extension that overlays LinkedIn, so you can use the tool right where you do your hunting.

Ultimately, this will cut down on cold outreach and help us move faster, sell more, and build an incredible company. It’s also a pretty amazing way to build and manage your professional network. 

I hope you take advantage of it. (And while we encourage you to participate, this is optional.)

You can sign in to Connect The Dots with your work email and I’d recommend installing the Chrome Extension for LinkedIn, Gmail, and Salesforce.  

That’s the basic story. If you want more information, keep reading.

Connect The Dots works by scanning your email metadata and signatures to analyze who you were in touch with, when, and how often. Their AI (Artificial Intelligence) crunches all that data and creates a graph of your professional network and make it searchable.

The platform never stores or shares the body of your email with anyone, ever. All you can ever share is a list of who you know, with a simple score indicating how well you know each person. 

You will be in control over what you share and who you share it with at a a granular level.

Here’s the kicker. As you add data to your Connect The Dots account, you can quickly pull together an even more powerful professional network. Your connections here at our company should already open a large network to you, but if you connect a personal email address (totally optional), you can add thousands more contacts. 

Additionally, If you connect with other people by inviting them onto the platform, you can choose to share your network with them. Assuming each connector has at least a few thousand contacts (which is typical), you can expand your network to reach tens of thousands of people—or even more—fast.

That’s why Connect The Dots is so interesting.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. 



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