Do You Know Someone Who...


Your objective with this play is to reach out to someone you know to generate candidate flow. The first step in this play is to search Connect The Dots for a job title to find good potential candidates in your network who hit your criteria. It depends on your network score, but often it turns up far more good leads than you'd think. 

With Connect The Dots you can scan down this list and if there are people that look interesting. If you find one, note which of your connectors has the best relationship. If you have more than one connector you might even decide to reach out to multiple people on the same candidate and get their insight. 

The key to success is to keep it simple and make it easy for your connector. Pulling a list of people they know and have a strong relationship with who would be good fits dramatically reduces their cognitive load. They can quickly respond to your message. And maybe it sparks ideas for other names. 

Email Template

From: Corey Stone [Requestor - me]
To: Chris Lui  [Requestor’s Friend]
Subject: Would you recommend any of these folks? 

Hey Chris, 

Hope all is well. Congrats on the new role at Twilio. Lots of old Salesforce people there. How's G-Force doing?

It looks like you’ve got a good relationship with;

We’ve got a great opportunity here at Tukatu for a Senior UX designer

On paper, all four of the people above seem like great designers with relevant experience. Is there one that stands out as especially strong? 

Do you know if any of them are loose in the socket and open to new opportunities? 

Best, Chris

Product Tour

Step 1: Search by job title to see who you have in your extended network

Step 2: If you find someone who looks good, we'll show you the best way in

  • Quickly see who you know in common ranked by relationship strength.
  • You're not asking "are they a LinkIn Stranger" – You can see who really knows who.
  • Start an intro from this page or whatever the medium that feels most natural.

Step 3: Quickly find context on your connector to personalize your ask

  • When you pull up one of your contacts or connectors, there are lots of insights to personalize your ask.
  • How long have you know them?
  • When did you last connect? 
  • What have you talked about over the years?
  • Who do you know in common? Sorted by relationship strength.
  • And of course you can track their recent career moves by clicking through to LinkedIn. 

Step 4: Use the email template up above to frame your ask 

Step 5: And send it using Connect The Dots or whatever medium feels natural 

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