Company Page - What insights can I uncover from checking Connect The Dots?

When researching a company in Connect The Dots you want to know who you know there. This could include both current and former contacts. It's quick to see who you last communicated with at the company and who else you've been in touch with over the years. 

In addition to the people you know, you can see who your connectors can introduce you to. If the is a person you're interested in reaching out to for insight, influence, or an introduction, we'll show you the best way in. 

If you want to see the specific interactions you've had with an account over the years you can click on this interactions tab. This will show you all the places you've been engaged or cc'd over the years, across all your connected email accounts. Think of it as a unified inbox. 

Enterprise Edition customers who activate team collaboration can take this one step further. You can provide visibility into which of your co-workers have been engaged, to prevent stepping on toes, and improving overall efficiency. 

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