Can I block specific people or companies? How about hiding contacts?

Short answer; Yes and yes.

For example, you might want to block a former spouse, or an old boss you had a falling out with. It’s easy to mouse over that contact and click block. Or maybe it’s not about blocking people, but it’s about keeping a specific contact private. Let’s say it’s a doctor, lawyer, or celebrity you know. You can make that relationship private. 

While we want to put you in control, in most cases there is no need to worry about hiding contacts. Only your connections have visibility into your contacts, and their visibility is limited to name, title, company, relationships strength. There is no context revealed aside from two orange, or three green dots. 

Blocking Companies

The more common request is to block a competitor (both current and former employees) from seeing your network or asking for introductions. When you're on a company page there is a circle with a dash through it on the right side of the company record which lets you take this action. 

With our Enterprise Edition product you can maintain a list of blocked companies (e.g. competitors) which is universally respected across all your employees. 

Account Privacy & Sharing Settings

To see all of the people or companies that you've marked private or blocked, visit the Account Privacy and Sharing page. 

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