Can I block specific people or companies? How about hiding contacts?

Short answer: yes and yes.

We all have many different types of relationships. Some are more sensitive than others.

Blocking a contact or company

The blocked contact will have no idea you're a user of CTD and will see none of your relationships. If you block a company, no one at that company will see you're a user of CTD and will not see your contacts or potential contacts.

Making a contact private

No users of CTD will know you have a relationship with the private contact.

To use either option for a contact, just click on the "more menu" (three vertical dots) and select your chosen setting. This feature is also available on contact and company detail pages. Use the same "more menu" to the right of the contact or company avatar.

While you are in control, in most cases there is no need to worry about hiding contacts. Only users of CTD who are direct contacts (you have an email history together) have visibility into your contacts. Additionally, their visibility is limited only to name, title, company, and relationship strength. The only context revealed is from the colored dots, which convey relationship strength. And, if you prefer, you can change that score for each contact. 

This is all we share about a contact

With our Enterprise Edition product you can maintain a list of blocked companies (e.g. competitors) which is universally applied across all your employees' networks. 

Account Privacy & Sharing Settings

To see all of the people or companies that you've marked private or blocked, visit the respective list from the  Sharing & privacy page. 

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