Deploying The Connect The Dots Chrome Extension For All Employees

The Connect The Dots Chrome Extension is a simple but powerful way to bring relationship search directly into a typical sales prospecting workflow. Users can visit any individual or company LinkedIn profile, open the Connect The Dots tab, and find connections to the person or business they’re interested in.

All Business Edition customers who use Google Workspace have the option to install the Connect The Dots Chrome Extension for all employees. This article breaks down the steps in the process, which a Workspace admin can complete in just a few minutes.

Step one

In your Google Admin console, go to Devices > Chrome > Apps and extensions > Users and browsers or

Step two

To add the extension click on the yellow plus mark in the bottom right, then choose "Add by URL."

Step three

Paste in the following URL and click "Save."

Step four

Choose either "Force Install" or "Force Install + pin to ChromeOS taskbar."

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