What qualifies someone as a strong, familiar, or weak connection?

The strength of a connections is based on your email history with that person. Our AI takes into account; 

  • The # of interactions
  • How many messages were sent by each party (e.g. did someone respond, or were they just CC'd)
  • How long ago the communication took place

This information is used to bucket contacts into strong, familiar, weak, and unknown. Unknown contacts are ones where you've been on an email thread, but haven't actively engaged.  

Can I adjust a score?

If the score is not correct, it’s easy to go in and adjust it. We recommend clicking on the people tab and scanning down the list. It’s fun seeing some of your weak connections who you might have lost touch with. In some cases you might want to adjust weak connections up familiar or weak. Why would that be? 

  • It’s someone you haven’t communicated with over email in years, but you know each other well
  • Maybe you see them socially or have a texting relationship that is not fully captured 

What is the impact of adjusting scores?

This step is 100% optional. The upside is that you invest 30 minutes improving your data and you might be able to increase your strong & familiar contacts by 30%. This keeps those folks top-of-mind when you're using the app, but it also highlights more places where you can provide insight, influence, and warm introductions to people in your network. There's value in being in the information flow and helping others out where you can.  

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