Can I make my account private?

Connect The Dots offers three different privacy settings. 

Setting your account to Private puts you into what we call "Single player mode." This gives you access to all your Contacts and Companies but no one else knows you're part of the Connect The Dots network. They cannot see any of your contacts or potential contacts either.

Sometimes people like to temporarily go into Private mode so they can review their data and get comfortable with it. On the plus side, if you connect multiple accounts (Email and LinkedIn), you will have a comprehensive view of all your contacts (likely for the first time ever). The downside of "Single player mode" is that you can't see your connectors or their contacts – you won't have the ability to get warm introductions to new people.

To adjust your Sharing Preferences click on your avatar in the top right corner, then click on "Privacy & sharing", followed by "Sharing preference". 

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