What can my company see?

Can anyone see the bodies of my personal emails?

Rest assured, there is no admin user with superuser powers who can see into your personal emails. 

Your IT team has no access to your personal data in Connect The Dots. Even if you've connected both personal and corporate email accounts to Connect The Dots, your IT team will not be able to "cross the bridge" and see your personal emails or the information contained within them.

With your corporate email accounts, you should presume your IT team has direct access in your corporate email servers to all message content for compliance purposes, but that is 100% outside the scope of Connect The Dots. 

So what can my employer see?  

All users on Connect The Dots abide by the same rules for network visibility. Your employer sees what your other first-degree connections can see. Name, title, company and relationship strength. That's it. 

If there are people you want to block or hide from your network, or if you want to set up custom sharing rules, we give you the power to do that.    

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