Friend Intro to Executive


Your objective with this play is to get someone at the target company to introduce you to the buyer, evaluator, or key decision maker. A common scenario is an executive kicking the intro down, but really, your friend could intro you to anyone inside the company. It could be a peer in a different group or even someone junior to them. 

It is important to note that Executives will not likely want to spend time with you (the SDR) directly. But they are happy to make an introduction to the right person at their own company if it means his/her company could benefit from your product. 

Your ultimate target is the buyer or the evaluator. They may not be actively searching for a solution. They may be vested in what they’ve got and they may not realize they have a pain. If it feels like a hard sell or qualification call you could scare them off. 

To get to a meeting, and ultimately a sales cycle, you need to think about the motivations of each person in the chain, and make it easy to say yes.

Sequence of Events

Email #1 - Make the ask of a friend 

From: Corey Stone [Requestor - me]
To: Chris Lui  [Requestor’s Friend]
Subject: Introduction to Andy Dunn, Bonobos CEO

Hey Chris, It’s been a long time since ______. I think we last crossed paths working on the Google AdWords Launch. It’s been amazing to see where you’ve taken your career.

I see you know Andy Dunn, CEO of Bonobos. They would be a great fit for our product. We are driving impressive results with lots of similar retailers including Trunk Club and the Gap. Would you mind introducing me to Andy? I’ve drafted an email below that you can copy/paste.  Modify as you see fit.

Thanks! Corey

---------Draft Email Below---------

From: Chris Lui  [Requestor’s Friend]
To: Andy Dunn [Target, CEO of Bonobos]
Cc: Corey Stone [Requestor - me]
Subject: Tukatu intro

Andy, I hope you’re doing well. I’d like to introduce my friend Corey over at Tukatu. It is a great product for website optimization.  They have delivered impressive results for retailers similar to you, including Trunk Club and the Gap.  Could you connect her to the person at Bonobos who is responsible for driving website conversions? 

I will let you two take it from here. 

Best, Chris

Email #2 - You reply-all with more detail (if Andy doesn't reply within ~36 hours)

From: Corey Stone [Requestor - me]
To: Andy Dunn [Target, CEO of Bonobos]
CC: Chris Lui [Requestor’s Friend]
Subject: Re: Tukatu

Hi Andy, Nice to e-meet you! To expand on what Chris wrote, we have driven an x% increase y/y in website conversion for Trunk Club and y% decrease in shopping cart abandonment for The Gap.

We’d love to see if we could help drive similar results for Bonobos.  Could you introduce us to the person responsible for (driving conversions on your website) / (app development)?  With a 30 min call, we can determine if we can deliver the same results for you. 

Thanks! Corey

Email #3 - Close the loop and thank your friend

From: Corey Stone  [Requestor]
To: Chris Lui  [Requestor’s Friend]
Subject: Re: Introduction to Andy Dunn, CEO of Bonobos

Chris I wanted to thank you again for your help with this introduction. 

We had a great kickoff call today and it sounds like we may be able to solve a pressing need for them. 

I owe you one! Let me know if I can ever return the favor! 

Best, Chris

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