Who typically champions Connect The Dots?

Connect The Dots has far reaching benefits and can be championed by different people within the organization.

Visionary CEO 

  • Often they have the best network and understand the value of connecting the dots. 
  • Looking for strategies to drive revenue, close big deals, hit hiring targets, attract A+ talent, drive operational efficiency, and fuel innovation – all of which are supercharged by network intelligence! 
  • Unlike other transformation projects, this one can be implemented at the flip of the switch – simply give the directive that it should be turned on for all employees. PMO (Project Management Office), IT and Security can hammer out the details. 
  • CEO’s executive sponsorship provides the momentum for this company-wide transformation. 

Sales Leaders 

  • This might include the Chief Revenue Officer, VP of Sales, Sales Development, or Sales Ops Leader. 
  • The revenue teams often have the most to gain from Connect The Dots and are natural champions. 
  • In an ideal world, this leader has the support of the CEO to implement the enterprise-wide social graph to maximize their network intelligence. Even if a percentage of the employees never login to Connect The Dots, there is benefit to having visibility into who at the company has a relationship that might be helpful.
  • A sales team can absolutely run a smaller scale pilot by inviting people one-off to join the platform, but the more connected accounts, the greater the impact. 

Marketing Leaders 

  • Most companies are invested in outbound prospecting and account based marketing. Connect The Dots can help supercharge these programs by accelerating the time it takes to research a target account and find good warm introductions. 
  • With warm introductions, high-value prospects are way more likely to respond, and way more likely to act. This is especially true when selling high into an organization or sourcing big deals. 
  • For marketers at SaaS companies, User Tracking is often the product that marketers gravitate towards first. The value proposition is simple. Upload a list of all your users and we’ll notify your sales team when they move companies. If you have 20,000 users and they change jobs once every 4 years, this generates thousands of warm leads for the team to follow up on. 

Recruiting Leader 

  • All recruiting leaders know, the best candidates come from internal referrals. So how do you get more of those? It’s easier than you think. Champion Connect The Dots so you can get visibility into where your employees have strong and familiar relationships. 
  • Simply run a search by job title and see who your organization is connected to. It starts with connecting corporate email accounts, but you’ll want to encourage your employees to connect their personal emails as well. 
  • It’s a win–win–win. An employee can see their network grow, you build the connective tissue with your alumni network, and the company has the network intelligence to accelerate search and find great candidates!
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