Customer Champion Intros


Your objective with this play is to get a customer to introduce you to the evaluator or decision maker at the target company. The customer might be a good reference customer (good logo and job title) but it could also be more of a customer hero who uses the product day-to-day. When connecting with the evaluator or decision maker, that peer reference may carry more weight than a fancy job title who is not close to the implementation. 

There is some complexity in this play because the account executive who owns the account for the customer serving as the reference will want to manage that relationship, and ensure their champion isn’t over taxed. At the same time the connection you’re trying to make might be to a target account in a different territory. Therefore you have to take that into consideration and think about when you transition the relationship from one person to the next.

Generally speaking with customer intros the SDR can help set up the play, but you’ll probably want the Account Executive or the person with the deepest relationship with that customer be the person who executes the play and serves as the facilitator. 

Done right leveraging customers for intros has huge potential because a successful customer is often your best salesperson! 

Sequence of Events

Email #1 - Make the ask of your customer champion

From: Corey Stone [Requestor - Me]
To: Tim Mason [Happy Customer]
Subject: Kingsley Joseph

Hey Tim - 

I’m using and I see you know Kingsley Joseph who works at Bonobos and runs their web marketing team.  

It seems like they would be a great fit for our product and an awesome addition to the Tukatu customer community. 

Would you mind making an introduction? I’ve drafted an email below that you can copy/paste to Kingsley.  Modify as you see fit.



---------Draft Email Below---------

From: Tim Mason [Happy Customer]
To: Kingsley Joseph [Target Buyer at Bonobos] 
Cc: Corey Stone [Requestor - Me] 
Subject: Tukatu

Hi Kingsley,

Hope you’re doing well. 

I was connecting with Corey Stone over at Tukatu and offered to make a quick intro.  

We’ve been using Tukatu since 2012 and it’s been a fantastic platform for us. 100% of our major features are deployed as experiments and we’ve seen a 1.2% increase in conversion rate from search results alone.

I’d be happy to share more of our story, but I’ll let you two take it from here. 

Best, Tim  

Email #2 - You reply all with more detail

From: Corey Stone [Requestor - Me] 
To: Kingsley Joseph [Decision Maker at Bonobos]  
Cc: Tim Mason [Happy Customer]
Subject: Re: Tukatu

Hey Kingsley, 

It is nice to e-meet you. 

Tim has been a fantastic champion.

At Tukatu we’ve been building a customer community of digital marketers at some of the most forward thinking retail brands including The Gap, Blue Apron, and Trunk Club. 

If you’re up for a quick 30 min call we’d love to share what we’re seeing across our customers, and how we’ve been able to companies like ours drive conversations and exceed revenue targets. 

Here is a link to my calendar with real-time availability where you can pick a time that works for you.



Email #3 - Close the loop and thank your customer champion

From: Corey Stone [Requestor - Me]
To: Tim Mason [Happy Customer]
Subject: Re: Kingsley 

Hey Tim, thank you again for making an intro to Kingsley.

We had a great kickoff call today and it sounds like we may be able to solve a pressing need for them.

I owe you one. Let me know if I can ever return the favor!

Best, Corey

Product Tour

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