How to make a good ask

This is an incredibly valuable skill to hone in on and get good at. The bigger the ask, the more powerful the person, the more important it becomes. Let’s say you want a meeting with a C-Level executive, and you’ve found someone with a relationship who can connect you. Before you make the ask, channel your connector. What are they thinking?

  • Why should I care? 
  • What is the context? 
  • Is the ask simple for me? 
  • Is the ask simple for the person I forward it onto? 
  • Is it potentially valuable for them? 

With that in mind, here are is how to construct a good short warm introduction. 

One sentence to open, up-level, show credibility, or familiarity. 

Answer the Why
Provide context and share a clear, concise statement of value. What is the opportunity, pain, or urgency? It is key to include differentiation because you're competing for time, budget, or against the incumbent. 

Clear Ask
Explain how they can help. Make it easy to say yes and execute the ask. 

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