What can I see? What can other people see?

If you choose to make your network visible to friends and coworkers, all they will see is name, title, and company, and how well you know them. That’s it. Just enough information to be useful, without leaving you feeling exposed. 

Potentail Contacts 

In the example below, imagine you were looking for a contact at Zoom. Nina came up as someone who you might be able to get in touch with through your network. Down below you can see that three people that have a strong relationship with Nina and can introduce you. 

My Contacts 

For people you've interacted with directly, you can see all the information that exists in your email inbox. We present your contacts name, title, company, email addresses, a history of your interactions, and mutual contacts. Mutual contacts are people who you've both been on email threads with. If Tim were also a user of Connect The Dots you'd also be able to see his contacts, sorted by relationship strength. The information you'd see for Tim's contacts would be similar to what you see up above.  

You are in complete control of you sharing preferences. The most information you will be sharing is what is shown above but there are also options to only share with specific people/companies or to go on full private mode and not share anything with anybody. That said, however much you share is what you will be able to see about others so only sharing with specific people means you will only have access to their networks.

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