How do we calculate relationship score?

CTD analyzes the frequency and volume of your e-mail communication with each contact, and labels the relationship as either: Strong, Familiar, Weak, or Unknown.

If you’ve emailed someone a lot, over a long period of time, they show up as a strong relationship. 

A weak relationship indicates that there has been email interchanged (two-way communication) between you and the contact, but nothing that rises to a familiar or strong relationship. 

In the instance of one-way communication - somebody emailed you and you never replied, or vice versa - the relationship is labeled as "unknown". This is how we prevent unsolicited emails or spam messages from getting mixed in with your legitimate relationships.

With Connect The Dots you might have tens of thousands of weak and unknown contacts, but you’ve got insight into how you know every single one of them. You can go back and see all the email conversations. 

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Can I adjust the relationship scores?

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