Getting Started

Most of these steps are pretty quick and can be done in a matter of minutes. If you'd like a full tour of Connect The Dots, and all its features, attend one of our white glove onboarding sessions

  • By the end of step 3: You'll have all your relationships perfectly organized. 
  • By the end of step 5: You'll have multiplied your network intelligence 10x. 

Steps to Get Started  

  1. Connect your email accounts
  2. Review your relationships
  3. Install the LinkedIn Plugin
  4. Customize your sharing preferences
  5. Growing your network

Step 1: Connect your email accounts

First things first, let’s get you connected to Connect The Dots. Remember, it's free for life. 

  • You can create your account with your personal email or your work email.
  • Today we support Gmail, Outlook, and Hotmail with other connectors on the roadmap.
  • Once inside the app you’ll be able to add additional email accounts giving you a unified view of all your contacts.
  • Connecting your personal email ensures you will never lose access to your account and it's valuable content.

What is the impact of adding an account? 
On average, connecting a personal email will add 7 years of history and 123 strong & familiar relationships. Connecting a work email will add 2.5 years of history and 128 strong & familiar relationships. The total number of contacts including weak connections is roughly 5,867. Each year you keep a connected account you should expect to see your Rolodex grow by 15%.   


  1. What can I see? What can other people see?
  2. Can I block specific people or companies? How about hiding a key contact?
  3. How do I get comfortable that my data is secure and privacy is fully respected?
  4. What data do you analyze and store?
  5. If I change my mind and want to delete my account, can I wipe all my data from the system?

Step 2: Review your relationships

When you login to Connect The Dots all of your relationships will be perfectly organized and sorted by relationship strength.  We recommend clicking on the "people tab" and running through your familiar and weak connections. In some cases you might want to adjust weak connections up to familiar or strong. Why would that be? 

  • It’s someone you haven’t communicated with over email in years, but you know each other well
  • You see them socially or have a texting relationship that is not fully captured 

What is the impact of adjusting scores?
This step is 100% optional. The upside is that you invest 20 minutes improving your data and you might be able to increase your strong & familiar contacts by 30%. This keeps those folks top-of-mind when you're using the app, but it also highlights more places where you can provide insight, influence, and warm introductions to people in your network. There's value in being in the information flow and helping others out where you can.  


Step 3: Install the LinkedIn plugin

We all use LinkedIn, and most of us use it daily. So it makes sense that the best place to surface insight from Connect The Dots is right there in context. It takes minutes to install the free extension from the Google Chrome Store. 

When you’re researching a company or a person on LinkedIn, this plugin shows you; 

  • All your current and former contacts that you’ve ever emailed with
  • All your potential contacts sorted by relationship strength
  • A unified view of all your email history with a company or contact 

What is the impact of installing the LinkedIn plugin?
This is a simple test you can run. Try pulling up a target company on LinkedIn. How many of your LinkedIn connections work there? Now try clicking on the Connect The Dots plugin. Chances are there are more people who you've emailed with that you aren't connected to on LinkedIn. Also, see how much faster it is to figure out who in your network is able to give you a warm introduction! 


  1. Can I import my LinkedIn contacts into Connect The Dots?
  2. Do you have a similar plugin for Gmail or other email clients? 

Step 4: Customize your sharing preferences

For most people, you can skip this step. The default settings are what we recommend. Within Connect The Dots, you share minimal information about the relationships in your network. The strength of your relationship, name, title, and current organization. That’s it.

Privacy is completely in your control. If you don’t want specific Connect The Dot users (and their companies) to see your network, you can make them private or block them completely. Every contact and company in Connect The Dots has 3 options you can specify:

Public - Your contacts will see who is in your network
Private - Private contacts don't show up in your network
Blocked - Blocked contacts and companies can't see your network 

To perform on of these actions: 1) Go to your "people" or "companies" list, click on the three grey dots on the right side of your screen, and select which option you prefer. 2) Open the details page for a specific company, and select either the make private or block symbol in the top right corner below your name. 

Step 5: Growing your network

Once you've got a complete list of all the contacts and companies you've engaged with, the next step is to invite more connectors to the network.  By doing so, you are significantly increasing the number of potential contacts you have. The more connectors, the greater the likelihood of opening doors and unlocking new opportunities. Even if you don't know a single person at a specific company, chances are you know people that do; Connect The Dots will help you find a way in.  

What is the Impact of adding connectors?
On average everyone you invite to Connect The Dots will bring 277 strong and familiar relationships to table. Think of the power of having 100 coworkers on the platform or adding a couple important super-connectors! It a creates a dramatic increase in the number of potential contacts you can uncover or your team can uncover. If you can increase your overall Network Score 2x it makes every subsequent search you do way more powerful! 

So the question is, who should you invite?  

Your Family: This is a great place to start. Your family wants to help. Particularly if you’re young in your career, your parents' networks could be a huge asset. 

Friends & Old Colleagues: Whose network do you want to tap into? Maybe it’s someone who is well connected in your space. Maybe you think they’d find this application really valuable. Earn credit for introducing them to the next big thing! 

Customer Champions: If you’ve built a relationship with a customer and they’ve been a great advocate, see if you can get them to join Connect The Dots. This way you can ask for introductions to peers at other companies who they have strong relationships with. 

Investors and Advisors: These folks have a vested interest in helping however they can. While they’re often happy to provide introductions, with Connect The Dots you get a complete picture of who they know and a streamlined workflow for making the ask. 

Coworkers: Getting your teammates and executives on Connect The Dots is huge! Not only do you tap into their networks, but they’ve got a vested interest in helping you with introductions. The other thing about getting employees on the platform is that over time it helps create a tight alumni network. Note that you can invite as many co-workers as you like. It doesn’t count against your limit. 

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