Sales Playbooks

Adding Connect The Dots to your playbooks creates an unfair competitive advantage. If you’re into winning, and being relevant, this is a way to do so before anyone else.

Best Practices

Email Templates for Sales

Install the LinkedIn Plug-in

This is the easiest way to drive adoption of Connect The Dots amongst your Sales Team. 
Download the Chrome Extension to get insight from your email social network in context on LinkedIn.

Product Tour

  • Company Page - What insights can I uncover from checking Connect The Dots? What is the best way in?
  • Person Page - How do I know this person? What are some personalization points for my outreach?
  • Chrome Extension - How does this work in context of my LinkedIn workflows? 
  • Search - What are the most valuable searches to run on Connect The Dots?
  • List Views - What are some of the default views and how would I use them?
  • User Tracking - How can I see former users who are now at target accounts?

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