Recruiting Playbooks

Connect The Dots is an amazing tool for recruiting. Just like LinkedIn you can search for people based on job title or company. The big difference...

#1 You'll often surface more first degree contacts 

Most people have more first degree contacts in their email inbox than they do on LinkedIn. 

#2 Lists are sorted by relationship strength 

This dramatically reduces the cognitive load of looking for canidates and accelerates your search. 

#3 Your potential contacts are far more actionable 

Connect The Dots also sorts your second degree connections based on relationship strength. 

Email Templates

Employee Referral Program

Every company knows that their best candidates come from internal referrals. So how do you get more of those? With Connect The Dots you can have your employees connect both their work and personal email accounts so they can show you where they have valuable connections. This empowers recruiters and hiring managers to quickly see all the candidates they could get to through a warm introduction from an employee. In a similar vein, when it comes to back channel reference checks, chances are there are dozens of people who could provide insight on the candidate. 

Alumni Network

If your company is using Connect The Dots, when an employee leaves they get to take their network and relationships with them. This helps create a stronger Alumni network because it builds up the connective tissue between employees. Whether it's sales, recruiting, or product insight your Alumni are extremely valuable because they have an understanding of your business, your culture, and who you sell to.

Install the LinkedIn Plug-in

This is the easiest way to drive adoption of Connect The Dots amongst your hiring managers and recruiting teams. Download the Chrome Extension to get insight from your email social network in context on LinkedIn.

Product Tour

  • Company Page - What insights can I uncover from checking Connect The Dots? What is the best way in?
  • Person Page - How do I know this person? What are some personalization points for my outreach?
  • Chrome Extension - How does this work in context of my LinkedIn workflows? 
  • Search - What are the most valuable searches to run on Connect The Dots?
  • List Views - What are some of the default views and how would I use them?

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