What is a super connector?

Super connector is a term that we use to describe someone with a lot of connections, a lot of clout, or both. It might include CEOs, Investors, Advisors, or Community Leaders. For these types of individuals their time is valuable and their impact can be huge.

The fastest way to build your network is by inviting these individuals to use Connect The Dots, because one super connector can add thousands of potential contacts to your network.  

What's in it for them? 

Super connectors thrive off information flow. With a good ask you can make them feel like they're adding value and let them built up personal currency between all parties involved. 

The bigger the ask, the deeper the research. Let’s take a situation where you’re trying to get a meeting at one of your target accounts.

  • Who is the target? Provide a specific example. 
  • What are ways you could grab their attention?
  • How could you up-level and show credibility? 
  • Who is going to be impacted by this ask? 
  • Who are you competing with? How do you de-risk the investment?
  • Why now? What is the urgency?
  • What is the solution you’d like to show them? 
  • What is the ask?

Crafting a good intro request email?

The shorter the better. A good email has three sections. 

One sentence to open, up-level, show credibility, or familiarity. 

Answer the Why
Provide context and share a clear, concise statement of value. What is the opportunity, pain, or urgency? It is key to include differentiation because you're competing for time, budget, or against the incumbent. 

Clear Ask
Explain how they can help. Make it easy to say yes and execute the ask. 

What are some examples of intro request emails?

Note that the tone of your email is going to feel different depending on the motivation of your introducer. Here are 8 common plays for Intro requests. 

Does it make sense to batch up requests?

In some cases if you've got someone who has offered to help, you might want to approach them to understand if they'd like you to batch your requests, or if they're ok with one of requests. You might also review the process with them so that you're making it as easy as possible on them. 

If they ask you to batch your requests you can use Connect The Dots to see where their network maps to target accounts you're trying to reach, and be really focused with your asks. 

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