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It's the #1 way to grow your career!

Build your network using Connect The Dots. It will open all kinds of doors and unlock opportunities.  

Land an amazing job 
A simple introduction could help you make a move that would have otherwise been out of reach. 

Source big deals
Cold outreach makes no sense, especially when you're trying to reach executives. Tapping into relationship strength is the best way to break through the noise. 

Find the perfect person
Everyone knows the best candidates come through referrals. Hiring well and being able to recommend good people will absolutely make you more relevant. 

Become a connector 
If other people uncover valuable connections in your network, it means you're in the information flow and earning social capital. Even if you're not actively sourcing new opportunities, it makes sense to build a network that brings opportunities to you.  

What we’ll cover in this guide

  • Build your personal SuperGraph
  • Turn on the Ask Engine 

Build your personal CTD™ Supergraph (All Editions)

On LinkedIn, you might have 2,000 contacts. But on Connect The Dots your SuperGraph could be 10x that size. That's a much more complete picture of everyone you've ever met over the years. 

When you sign in to Connect The Dots you’ll see "My Network" in the top right corner. It is based on three factors: How many people you know, how strong your relationships are, and how many people you can reach through your network.

If you’ve got a strong network, chances are you’re going to identify someone who can provide insight, influence, or a warm introduction. If you’ve got a weak network, chances are, you’re going to come up empty. 

So how do you increase your network score? Turns out there are some simple things you can do to amplify your relationship strength dramatically, even if you’re young in your career. 

#1 Connect more accounts

Connect your LinkedIn connections, work email account, and personal email. It only takes a couple of minutes to set up and it's fun seeing all the people it turns up. Each new contact is de-duped and the data is augmented, so you never have to worry about dirty data. Your network also grows in the background without you having to do anything. 

#2 Invite your co-workers 

The fastest way to increase your network score is to tap into the relationships of your executives and co-workers. You can send one-off invitations or you could use the Enterprise Connector. By connecting at the Google Apps or Microsoft Workspace level, overnight you'd have every employee in your organization as a connector. People who have experienced it say it’s an explosion in network intelligence! 

#3 Invite your friends and connectors

Who are the people who know you at your core and would be helpful? People who understand what you do and have a vested interest in you succeeding? Who would be a super-connector if you could get them on Connect The Dots? In a matter of minutes, you could send off a bunch of invites and bump up your network score.

#4 Keep your network current

Once you’ve got your contacts nicely organized in Connect The Dots, it’s easy to create lists of people you should reach out to. Sort your strong, familiar, and weak relationships by last activity, and make a point of sending them a note or giving them a call every once in a while. That way when you’re in a position where you need to make an ask, it feels less transactional and more opportunistic. 

Turn on the Ask Engine

Once you've built your SuperGraph, the next step is to generate value. 

#1 Get relationship intelligence in context (All Editions)

The simplest way to get value out of Connect The Dots is to install the Chrome extension. It is designed to support your existing workflows, making you 10x smarter in less than a minute. 

  • LinkedIn – When you're looking at people and companies on LinkedIn, compare the data side-by-side. See all your contacts and potential connections sorted by relationship strength See all your email interactions with that person 
  • Gmail – When you open an email see everyone on the email chain. Scan through their job titles See what companies are represented Click on their LinkedIn profiles for more details 
  • Salesforce – When you are on a lead, contact, account, or opportunity, Connect The Dots provides relationship intelligence in context. If you're looking at someone you don't know; you can get 10x smarter in less than a minute. See who knows them well – 2nd and 3rd-degree visibility See who has worked with them – Career overlaps See who else you know – Co-workers at their company Here is a look at some of that insight as it's presented in the Chrome Extension.

#2 Create your lists (Business Edition Feature)

CTD's SuperGraph gives you perfect data on all your relationships. The next step is to turn it into workable lists. If you're on the business edition, here are examples of lists that you could create. 

  • Q1 Target Accounts – Generate Meetings
  • Q4 Deals – Opportunities to Multi-Thread Deals
  • Executive Bridges – Global 2k Customers 
  • Employee Referrals – Open Roles @ Target Companies
  • Targeted Investors – My Executive Connections

Setting lists up is pretty intuitive, but here is a set of step-by-step instructions on how to create a list. 

#3 Make smart asks (All Editions)

When you find someone who looks interesting, CTD makes asking for help simple and frictionless.

  • Identify your target - Search for a person, company, or job title. Or create a saved list with all your filter criteria. 
  • Click on the ask button - Connect The Dots will present all your 2nd and 3rd-degree paths. The list will be sorted by relationship strength, so your best chance to connect will be up top. 
  • Launch a smart email template - Depending on the connector you pick, we'll launch a smart email template with all the relevant details. You can personalize the note, or send it off as is. 
  • Emails are sent from your account - When you hit send you'll see the email logged in your Gmail or Outlook sent items folder, and all replies will come back to your inbox. 
  • All your asks are tracked in the Ask Inbox - When you initiate an Ask from Connect The Dot, the workflow is tracked inside the Ask inbox. When responses come in you can reply with a template or even use the Draft on Behalf feature, to make it easy on your connector.  

The key is to break the ice. Try sending out a couple of asks and see what kind of responses you get back. When you get the hang of it, you might find that you're firing off dozens of smart asks every month!

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