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Build your network using Connect The Dots. It will open all kinds of doors and unlock opportunities.  

Land an amazing job 
A simple introduction could help you make a move that would have otherwise been out of reach. 

Source big deals
Cold outreach makes no sense, especially when you're trying to reach executives. The best way to break through the noise is to tap into relationship strength. 

Find the perfect person
Everyone knows the best candidates come through referrals. Hiring well and being able to recommend good people will absolutely make you more relevant. 

Become a connector 
If other people are uncovering valuable connections in your network, it means you're in the information flow and earning social capital. Even if you're not actively sourcing new opportunities, it makes sense to build a network that brings opportunities to you.  

What We’ll Cover In This Guide

How to increase your network score

When you sign in to Connect The Dots you’ll see your Network Score. This number might seem like a vanity metric at first, but what it tells you is the likelihood of having a successful outcome. 

If you’ve got a deep network, chances are you’re going to identify someone who can provide insight, influence, or a warm introduction. If you’ve got a shallow network, chances are, you’re going to come up empty. 

So how do you increase your network score? Turns out there are some simple things you can do to amplify your relationship strength dramatically, even if you’re young in your career. 

#1 Connect ALL your email accounts 

This takes minutes to do and it ensures you’ll never lose valuable connections or important context again. Your network grows in the background without you having to do anything. 

#2 Invite your co-workers 

The fastest way to increase your network score is to tap into the relationships of your executives and co-workers. You can send one-off invitations or you could use the Enterprise Connector. By connecting at the Google Apps or Microsoft Workspace level, overnight you'd have every employee in your organization as a connector. People who have experienced it say it’s an explosion in network intelligence! 

#3 Invite your friends and connectors

Who are the people who know you at your core and would be helpful? People who understand what you do and have a vested interest in you succeeding? Who would be a super-connector if you could get them on Connect The Dots? In a matter of minutes, you could send off a bunch of invites and bump up your network score.

#4 Keep your network current

Once you’ve got your contacts nicely organized in Connect The Dots, it’s easy to create lists of people you should reach out to. Sort your strong, familiar, and weak relationships by last activity, and make a point of sending them a note or giving them a call every once in a while. That way when you’re in a position where you need to make an ask, it feels less transactional and more opportunistic. 

#5 Setup user tracking 

This is an Enterprise Edition feature that Connect The Dots offers. For SaaS companies, it allows you to upload a list of all the people who use your product. When these users move from one company to the next, you’ll be notified. This is gold for Sales; knowing where there are former customers in your target accounts. 

Who can make an intro

There are different people you might go to get a warm introduction. The key is understanding their motivations and framing the ask in the right way. Below are the three people involved in any transaction. 

The power of Connect The Dots is that we’ll provide you with a prioritized list of people based on relationship strength. You will be able to see your relationship with each connector, as well as their relationship with your target. The ideal scenario is all green dots, but there are times when it’s worth asking about a weak connection to see how well your friend knows the target.

How to make a good ask

This is an incredibly valuable skill to hone in on and get good at. The bigger the ask, the more powerful the person, the more important it becomes. Let’s say you want a meeting with a C-Level executive, and you’ve found someone with a relationship who can connect you. Before you make the ask, channel your connector. What are they thinking?

  • Why should I care? 
  • What is the context? 
  • Is the ask simple for me? 
  • Is the ask simple for the person I forward it onto? 
  • Is it potentially valuable for them? 

With that in mind, here are is how to construct a good short warm introduction. 

One sentence to open, up-level, show credibility, or familiarity. 

Answer the Why
Provide context and share a clear, concise statement of value. What is the opportunity, pain, or urgency? It is key to include differentiation because you're competing for time, budget, or against the incumbent. 

Clear Ask
Explain how they can help. Make it easy to say yes and execute the ask. 

Sample email templates

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