For Enterprises

Success starts with network intelligence. Janet in accounting went to college with your biggest prospect. Tony from HR used to work with three people at that account you’re hustling to close. But you don’t know it.

Connect The Dots reveals unseen relationships and hidden connections that help sellers sell.

We use a treasure trove of data —email, LinkedIn contacts, career overlaps—to show the strongest connections between your team, your supporters, and the companies you sell to.

We've worked hard to make it easy to create your very own SuperGraph for your company. It takes 15 minutes for IT to set up the enterprise connector, and without any additional work, the entire company's relationships are mapped, shared, and actionable.

This simple initiative will put you a step ahead of your competition. 
It works out of the box, with perfect data, smart email templates, and pre-built connectors.
With relationship intelligence your CEO, sellers, recruiters, and investors, can;

  • Book more meetings
  • Multi-thread deals like a mofo
  • Close bigger deals 
  • Start more conversations and keep relationships going 

What We'll Cover In This Guide

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