What is the Enterprise Connector?

The Enterprise Connector empowers your organization to seamlessly onboard your entire team to Connect The Dots automatically.  This way all your coworkers - both present employees and new hires - will be part of your enterprise-wide social graph with no action required by them. The Enterprise Connector supports both Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365.  

Why use the Enterprise Connector?

The power of an enterprise social graph comes from breadth and depth.  You'll get maximum utility from Connect The Dots if your entire organization's network is visible and shareable amongst each other.  You never know where interesting connections live - your colleague in IT may have gone to college with a key executive at a target account.  Connect The Dots' Enterprise Connector makes discoveries like that seamless.

Can't I just manually send invites? 

You can absolutely send individual invites out to partners, investors, and members of your team. It's free for them to sign-up and we're doing our best to make it a frictionless process. But that still requires each person to sign-up manually and go through the ingestion and onboarding process.  Companies that implement the Enterprise Connector are far more successful because it guarantees complete enterprise-wide adoption with zero friction and zero manual action by your teammates.  Your entire team will get instant and broad visibility into your collective network.  This can reveal hundreds of new potential contacts at target accounts - immediately.

Who sets up the Enterprise Connector? 

Your IT administrator sets up the Enterprise Connector with a few clicks on the Google Workspace or Microsoft Office 365 admin panel.  We provide a simple set of instructions and it's really very easy. Of course, we want to work with you and your IT team to ensure everyone is comfortable with Connect The Dots' Security and Privacy practices. 

What are the steps to set up the enterprise connector? 

  1. Book 20 minutes with our Customer Success Team to talk about the Enterprise Connector and your rollout strategy. We're happy to do a follow-up with your IT team to answer their security questions and explain the configuration options. 
  2. Have your IT person follow the simple step-by-step instructions to configure Google Workspace or Microsoft Office 365 to authorize cross-organization user creation and ingestion. 
  3. Over the course of 24-48 hours, your accounts will ingest and build out your enterprise-wide social graph. Our customer success manager will make sure we communicate when this process has kicked off and is completed.
  4. We encourage your executive sponsor to send out an email to the team explaining the initiative and providing support. We've provided a template so you can → Copy, Paste, Customize.
  5. We will trigger automated emails letting individuals know their accounts are ready and provide them instructions for logging in. 
  6. There is a Getting Started Guide and Playbooks for Sales and Recruiting available on this site. We're also happy to schedule training sessions with your team. 

What if I have employees who aren't actively using the product? 

Every employee can benefit from installing the Chrome Extension for LinkedIn. When recruiting, partnering, selling, or servicing the customer, they can uncover insights on which of their coworkers has a relationship and who are actively engaged. 

That said, it's totally ok if not everyone in the organization uses Connect The Dots every day.  We work seamlessly in the background to grow your social graph as new connections form.  Anyone on your team will have instant, real-time access to your organization's social graph and can benefit from new and existing connections whenever they're needed.

What about connecting personal email accounts? 

This is where Connect The Dots becomes incredibly powerful: If your teammates connect their personal email accounts to Connect The Dots, you can surface even more candidate referrals, book even more meetings, and end up with an even stronger alumni network.  

Is there a cost associated with the Enterprise Connector?  

It is part of our Enterprise Product which is $24 per employee per month. Compare that to LinkedIn Navigator which is $79.99 for Professional and $108 for Team! The cost for Connect The Dots is also a value when you consider the return on investment. Closing one big deal, a partnership, funding round, or a candidate could quickly pay for the license cost. Connect The Dot's enterprise product includes a number of other features like Team Communication, User Tracking, Open APIs and Custom Training. 

Additional FAQs

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